One of the beautiful aspects of the music-making process is that it requires human collaboration before anything good can happen. This web space would not be complete without some props for the people who make my music possible.

Dominic Flores has been a friend, mentor, featured vocalist and producer for much of my non-Nashville music for over 15 years and I want to thank him for making this website possible.

Kim Copeland (Rag Top Studios) has produced all my Nashville tunes and has allowed me access to the vocal talents of Ron Wallace, Rachel Williams and Tim Buppert for most of my country productions. If you want to have an amazing Nashville studio experience with professional studio musicians and topflight demo vocalists please visit Kim’s website at for a complete description of how to make this happen.

Shauna Sweeney is an accomplished South Florida performing singer-songwriter who has co-written with me on several tunes (Destination Me and The Harvest Drive) and recorded vocals for me on “The Wall” and “AutoPilot.” She performs up and down the Southeast coast of Florida. Check out her upcoming dates and her music at "".

Marko Ruffolo is a brilliant studio technician, musician and songwriter who has been a great help to me with my mixes and studio skill development. If you need a great Pro Tools or Logic studio guy or help with a South Florida mix, Marko’s skillset can be accessed at and you can reach him at

I would also be remiss if I did not mention the incredible operatic vocal talents of Dr. Kathleen Figaro, who has served as the lead singer in my endocrine band “Sugar” for many years and sings lead vocals on “Freedom."

Finally, I want to thank the Possum Trot Neighbors Facebook community and especially Rhonda Tenpenny and my sister (Anita Scott) for their support of my music (“Possum Trot Road”) at the Murfreesboro, Tennessee Dewdrop Jamboree and on the web. This website is dedicated to them.