albums and merchandise

Dear Friends and Family:

Happy to announce that my first full length album, “Southern Promise” will be dropping at midnight on September 18 (Monday) on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, Pandora, Napster, Tidal and iHeartMusic. If you have access to any of these platforms please look for the “Southern Promise” album under R Mack Harrell and chill out with it. The songs are Country or Pop side of Country and consist of 12 musical postcards from my life. If you recognize yourself in a song, you’re probably correct. By the way, I created, mixed and mastered all this music in my Boca Raton studio, so it is homemade in the truest Southern tradition. The Southern Promise album cover is actually the sign on my sister Anita’s home in Possum Trot, Tennessee.

I am also releasing some updated and upgraded merch to commemorate this new album for all the Possum Trot Poet fans out there (see Merch section below). Many thanks to Samantha Leimkuhler at Snickerdoodle Design for her artistry in the design of these items. All Samantha’s prices include shipping, so there are no last minute surprises with ordering. Further thanks to Dominic Flores for creating this new album release page for my fans and for serving as my music critic during the creation process.

Best to All,

Mack (The Possum)


The tumblers are absolutely watertight, thermos-designed and alcohol resistant to serve the needs of the most discriminating Possum Trot resident or visitor. Depending on your mood, colors include psychedelic or white.

The mug commemorates the release of "Southern Promise" and has a Possum Trot Poet logo and the “Southern Promise” album cover on opposing sides. Kahlua stain resistant.

The T shirts are high quality Gildan 800’s built to survive the "music on-the-road lifestyle." They come in 8 amazing colors including pink and lavender.